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"We see the value of difference and change." 


Individuality is what ignites us. We are the changing face of management today, where our focused support will ensure that you are represented in the right way. 


The backbone of Ignitus has traditional roots which are held up by its founders. With over 20 years of experience and well established contacts, they have respect across all aspects of the industry. 

Our mission is to focus on the next generation of talented people. We see the value of 'difference and change' and open up opportunities for upcoming talent. We will manage your expectations and provide sensitive representation. 

Meet The Founders

A performer that starred on Gary Barlows TV show 'Let It Shine' on the BBC. He knows the industry inside out, since being in the spotlight as well as working behind scenes in the industry. Anthony is a singer/songwriter and has worked with many upcoming performers, through managing and creating. He has built up a vast network of professional relationships in the performing world. He brings a fresh, next generation view on managing like minded talents.  

A previous actor that worked on many commercials in his early career, TV wise Simon worked on mainly comedy shows. His love for helping other talent started when he worked for an agency specialising in models, photographers, stylists as well as hair & make-up artists. He quickly realised his love for being an Agent / Manager and has been proactive in the industry, managing actors for over 20 years. Heavily respected throughout his time, Simon has built a vast network of contacts and manages top talent world-wide


Simon Hayes

Anthony Sahota

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